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The cost of a professional laser hair removal machine is an important factor to consider when deciding to purchase one. While it may seem intimidating, investing in the right laser hair removal equipment is worthwhile, especially if you're interested in starting a laser medical aesthetic business.

How much does a laser hair removal machine cost?

The cost of a professional laser hair removal machine is influenced by various factors such as the type of laser used, power, cooling technology, warranty terms, number of shots, portability, and payment package options.

To provide you with the latest price, we have listed the cost of a professional laser hair removal machine. Please inquire for the most up-to-date pricing.

The cost of a professional laser hair removal machine for sale

We provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of professional laser hair removal machines for sale. And analyzes the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each commercial hair removal instrument. Laser hair removal is highly profitable for beauty shops or spas due to the machine's affordability and low operating costs. A professional IPL laser hair removal machine can range from $2,800 to $3,500, while treatment fees can be $100 to $150 per session or even $300 to $800 for each body part. With a sufficient number of customers, the cost can be recovered quickly, allowing for profitable returns.

Women typically invest significant money and time in hair removal compared to men. Research indicates that most women spend over $2,000 on shaving products throughout their lives. Considering these statistics, many individuals seek permanent solutions like laser hair removal. Despite the initial higher cost compared to shaving and waxing products, the long-term benefits of laser hair removal often justify the expense for most people.

A significant financial investment – The best professional diode laser hair removal machine

If you're seeking a superior and professional diode laser hair removal machine, the diode laser hair removal equipment offered by LeafLife Technology, a global leading aesthetic & medical laser equipment manufacturer, is your ideal choice. These machines utilize latest cutting-edge laser hair removal technology and effectively remove excessive body hair from areas such as armpits, limbs, face, and lips. They Planar LED Series are particularly suitable for individuals with darker skin tones, provided that the hair is dark.

Similar to other salon equipment, investing in a professional diode laser hair removal machine involves significant financial commitment. It is crucial to make the right decision from the start since getting out of an operating lease can be extremely challenging. When selecting the appropriate laser hair removal machine, consider its clinical results as well as its financial viability and profitability. Ultimately, you want to maximize your return on investment and ensure the success of your new laser hair removal business.

Skin color varies among individuals, and to achieve the best hair removal results, one of the laser hair removal machines features an intelligent skin color detection system. Through the touchscreen interface, you can choose the appropriate skin color tone, enabling you to perform hair removal with expertise either at home or in a beauty salon setting.

Optimize your procedure volume & revenue potential with 100 million lifespan shots

The long lifespan of 100 million shots is a core feature of our LED laser hair removal machines. This exceptional longevity sets our machines apart from others in the market.

With such a high shot lifespan, you can rely on our machines for prolonged, uninterrupted operation. This ensures consistent and reliable performance over an extended period, saving you the hassle and cost of frequent maintenance or replacement.

The extended lifespan also translates to significant cost savings in the long run. You can maximize your return on investment as the need for replacing consumables is greatly reduced. This not only boosts profitability but also improves the overall efficiency of your beauty salon or clinic.

By choosing our diode laser hair removal machines with a 100 million shots lifespan, you can confidently offer your clients high-quality and effective treatments while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with durable and dependable equipment.


High Output Laser Power can bring you the ideal clinical results

When considering a larger spot size for laser hair removal, it's essential to ensure that the machine has sufficient power to deliver effective treatments. An underpowered machine with a large spot size may result in the light energy being dispersed over a wide area, leading to ineffective treatments.

With LeafLife planar LED Laser, you can be confident in its power capabilities. The total power of the machine is 1800 Watts, with 12 pieces chips in the handle piece, each delivering 150 Watts of power. This substantial power enables the machine to handle the 12*22 mm² spot size effortlessly. With a high-energy-density laser, hair removal becomes more precise and effective.

By choosing LeafLife Diode Laser, you can ensure that your clients receive clear and efficient hair removal treatments, thanks to its optimal power output and compatibility with larger spot sizes.

How will your practice benefit?

Short Treatment Time - Highest Margins Per Shot / 1-10Hz

The number of shots a laser hair removal treatment handlepiece can fire before replacement is limited. Considering that each treatment has a fixed fee, delivering more treatments per handlepiece will increase your overall income. To determine the profitability of a handlepiece, you can calculate the profit per shot. This measure is obtained by dividing the income generated from a handlepiece by its total revenue, subtracting the cost of a new handlepiece.

In addition to considering the profit per shot, the treatment time is indeed a crucial factor in the profitability of a laser hair removal machine. The use of Fast Hair Removal Mode Technology, which utilizes a large 12*20mm² spot size, significantly reduces the treatment time. With this technology, areas like the back or legs can be treated in just 10 minutes.

By saving treatment time, you can maximize your revenues. The faster you can perform treatments, the more customers you can serve in a given day, ultimately increasing your income. On the other hand, if the treatment takes longer to perform, you'll have fewer opportunities to treat customers, leading to a decrease in potential income.

Therefore, by utilizing technologies that optimize treatment time, such as the Fast Hair Removal Mode with a large spot size, you can effectively save time, serve more customers, and maximize your overall revenues in your laser hair removal business.

Repetition Rate & Cooling Technology

The Repetition Rate, which refers to the time interval between laser shots, plays a significant role in the profitability of a laser hair removal machine. A higher repetition rate allows for faster treatments, enabling you to serve more customers in a day and potentially increase your profits. However, it is crucial to note that a fast repetition rate must be accompanied by effective cooling methods to prevent overheating.

Leaflife Diode Laser addresses this concern by incorporating a powerful Integrated Contact Cooling system. This cooling system maintains the head temperature between -15℃ to 10℃ at all times. With this advanced cooling feature, Leaflife Diode Laser can easily handle a repetition rate of 1-10 Hz, ensuring both efficiency and safety during treatments.

Taking into account the factors discussed above, including repetition rate and cooling, you can calculate the relative profitability per head of Leaflife Diode Laser compared to other options such as IPL hair removal systems or alternative diode laser hair removal equipment. Such calculations will provide valuable insights into the potential profitability of using Leaflife Diode Laser in your business.

Let’s see the technological advantages of Leaflife Planar LED with current market devices


Planar LED


Diode Laser

Fiber-coupled diode Laser

Light Source

LED Chips

Xenon Lamp

Diode laser bars

Fiber coupled diode laser bars


Narrow spectrum 780-850nm

Wide Spectrum 610-900nm

Single Wavelength


Single wavelength 808 or three wavelength (755nm,808nm,1064nm)



5-10K W



Light emitting Area Shape





Pulse lifespan

100 million shots

100000-500000 shots

10million - 20million shots

50 million shots

Operation Mode


Stamp mode



Energy density

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12 J/cm2,


1-40 J/cm2

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12

Stamp: 5-100 J/cm2

Repeat: 5-12 J/cm2



With regular Maintenance handle has the same lifespan as the machine. No need to replace the handle.

Need to change handle or light filter

Laser generator is easily damaged, need to replace every 1 to 2 years

No Need to change the hand piece


No consumables

No Need

Need to often replace the filter and deionizer or laser generator would damage.

No Consumables

Cooling water

Normal water

Drinking Water

Special deionized water or coolant

Normal Water

Working Temperature





Cooling Temperature

-15°C to 10°C


0 to 5°C

0 to 5°C


2 Years or 50 million shots




Professional Training

Are you unsure about how to use a diode laser hair removal machine? Don't worry, we offer comprehensive professional training. The Leaflife diode laser system is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple operation interface and suggested parameter settings for a faster learning curve. While you may find other Chinese suppliers offering the best price for a laser machine, it's important to consider the operator's training. Without proper training, your investment in the right laser machine could be in vain.

Laser hair removal is a straightforward procedure, and you can learn the treatment process in just a few hours. With the right training, you can confidently start and grow your business without any incidents. At Leaflife Technology, we frequently hear from patients who had negative experiences with laser hair removal elsewhere. They report that it either didn't work or resulted in burns. This is disheartening for us, as we strive to ensure every patient receives safe and effective treatment. 

In one instance, a patient shared their experience of receiving laser hair removal without even shaving the hair first. This is a significant mistake and can not only render the treatment ineffective but also lead to serious burns. There are several reasons why laser hair removal may not have worked for these patients:

1. The diode machine used was of poor quality.

2. The wrong laser was used for the treatment.

3. The person performing the treatment lacked proper knowledge and skills.

4. The patient's hair may not have been dark enough or adequately shaved.

Even with a good diode laser machine and the right patient, if the procedure is not performed correctly, it may not yield the desired results and could even cause harm. It's crucial to prioritize safety and effectiveness in laser hair removal treatments.

Treating an individual who is not suitable for the procedure or using incorrect settings can have severe consequences. It not only puts your laser machine at risk but also jeopardizes your entire business. If someone experiences an adverse reaction due to improper treatment, they have every right to take legal action against you, and they will likely win.

Would you still consider it a wise choice if you faced such consequences? At Leaflife Technology, we provide more than just a basic user manual and tutorial video. We offer a range of online training courses and 24/7 online support to help you and your staff master laser hair removal treatments effectively. We prioritize your success and safety in this industry.