Lead new generation to non-invasive and accurate vaginal treatment!

  • Visible in sync
  • Disposable treatment tip
  • Honeycomb fractional micro-pulses
  • Vaginal more layers’ care
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Unique 2100nm Holmium fractional laser and micro-pulses technology

① Unique 2100nm wavelength

2100nm is golden adsorption wavelength to vaginal tissue with lowest water adsorption, single pulse can reach the muscle layer, promotes muscle protein hyperplasia and muscle fiber stronger. Effectively improve the vaginal bulging, urine leakage and relaxation, the effect is more obvious and lasting.

Single pulse up to 12000W laser power, combination with 300ms micro pulse of ultra-short pulse width. Photothermal effect and photomechanical shockwave stimulate vaginal and elastic fiber to tighten instantly and regenerate the collagen, meanwhile gently blasting the moisture in the mucosal ending cells, inducing vaginal surface reconstruction, restore pink color and soft texture, effectively increase sensitivity and lubrication during excitement.

② SMOOTH Treatment Mode

Golden standard of Smooth treatment mode(Defocus multi-pulse heat transfer technology) with 6 pics of micro pulses, precisely control vaginal tissue layers(mucosa/muscle/fiber) under a proper temperature, achieve best photothermal stimulation and non-invasive treatment.

③ Honeycomb fractional emission and 360° annular tip spot

By the gilded 360° reflector lens, 2100nm laser is emitted to vaginal tissue by fractional way, keeping the heat dispersion area, the vaginal surface tissue is more evenly heated. Accelerate to repair and reconstruct the tissue, more comfortable and safe treatment, no any downtime. No need to rotate the handle during operation, convenient and fast.

④ Disposable sterile treatment tip

Equipped disposable sterile treatment tip for every patient, no need to have extra sterilizing equipment, clean and safe, completely eliminate the risk of cross infection.


Laser generatorHo3+: YAG solid laser
Laser wavelength2100nm±5nm
Laser power
30/40/60W(pulse average power) optional
Working modeRepeat pulse
Energy density10-5000mj adjustable
Pulse width250-800μs adjustable
Frequency1-20Hz adjustable
Emission modeFactional spot
Treatment areaNormal; VRL; LVT
Treatment modeSmooth; soft; CW
Output mode2.5m/SM905 standard port; diameter Φ550um/quartz fiber transmission
IndicatorGreen light/wavelength 532nm/power≤5mw
Treatment handle AHoneycomb 360° annular treatment handle with disposable sterile
Treatment handle BFractional scan tip
Display8 inch color touch screen; 9.7mini laptop
PowerAC220V,50Hz, 3500W
Net weight80kg

Clinical application

Vaginal examination by colposcope screening
Vulva tightening and turning the black into pink
Smooth muscle and Vaginal pelvic floor tightening
Vaginal mucosa repair (sensibility and moisture promotion)

Aphrodite utilizes the advanced guided endoscope on the top of treatment tip, by using a thin catheter to treat precisely under the video, allowing the patient and operate to observe synchronously, reduce the clinical risk maximumly.

Before the treatment, exclude the unsuitable patients by observing vagina and cervix with the chance of inflammation, erosion, polyp, vasodilation, bleeding etc., and record it if with permission to make it true to assess.

During the treatment, monitor the changes of the vaginal tissue and modify the parameters for different area and the sensible area. Reduce the missing and repeated area, more uniform and manage abnormal reactions such as intraoperative bleeding timely.

After the treatment, access the instant reaction of tissue heating and congestion, evaluate the clinical effect, take photos and record for follow-up observation and academic study.