In this post, we show you the tips on how to buy a professional, reliable diode laser hair removal machine from thousands of china manufacturers. Even if the salon owners who less technically but looking for a diode laser hair removal machine to their business.

What is Diode Laser Hair Removal?

During diode laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to each individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. Lasers offer more precision, speed, and lasting results compared with other methods of hair removal. Permanent hair reduction is typically achieved in 4 to 6 sessions depending on individual factors, including color, texture, hormones, hair distribution, and hair growth cycle.

Benefits of Diode Laser Hair Removal


Compared to IPL and other treatments, laser has better penetration and effective damage to the hair follicles. With just a few treatments customers see results that will last for years.


Diode laser hair removal can also give a certain degree of discomfort, but the process is painless compared to IPL. It offers integrated skin cooling during treatments which greatly reduces any “pain” felt by the customer.s.

Less Sessions

Lasers can deliver results much faster, which is why it requires less sessions, and it also offers a higher level of satisfaction among patients...

No Downtime

Unlike IPL, diode laser’s wavelength is much more precise, which makes the epidermis less affected. Skin irritation like redness and swelling rarely happen after laser hair removal treatment.

How many treatments will customer need?

Hair grows in cycles and laser can treat hairs in the “Anagen” or active growth stage. Since approximately 20% of hairs are in the appropriate Anagen stage at any one time, at least 5 effective treatments are necessary to disable most of the follicles in a given area. Most people require 8 sessions, but more may be required for the face, those with darker skin or hormonal conditions, those with certain syndromes, and for those that have waxed for many years or had IPL in the past (both affect follicle health and growth cycles).

The hair growth cycle will slow throughout the laser course as there is less blood flow and nourishment to the hair site. The growth may slow to months or even years before new hairs show up. This is why maintenance is required after the initial course. All treatment results are individual.

Critical Tips for choose a professional reliable diode laser hair removal machine

1) Hand piece lifespan & Spot Sizes

Long lifespan of hand piece means less money for one shot. Larger spot sizes mean less shots for larger treatment areas such as backs. Less shots

means less costs (each flash costs you money). Different spots size can treat different skin problem. Like 4mm of spot size can treat pigment, skin dent, nevus etc. 60mm of big spot size has very nice effect for body pain relief.

In this case, Leaflife Fiber HR Series’ new handle install 3 spot sizes tips of 12mm. 60mm, 4mm.  which is the highest configuration among all the diode laser hair removal machines.

2) Laser Power

Actually the other important thing is the output power of the diode laser. This means you should care about the energy density of the handle. Diode laser energy density means the average energy on the spot size. If you do want a larger spot size and also the bigger energy make sure the machine you are looking at has the power to handle the larger spot size.

In this case, Leaflife’s new high power fiber coupled diode laser, its total power is 1470W, 7 real fiber of 210W/pcs, no doubt for handle the 12*12 mm spot size.

3) Cooling System

For a diode laser hair removal machine, Cooling system dissipates the heat which will stop the machine or damage the machine directly, in other words, better cooling can extend the life of the machine. So the ability to cool the skin during hair reduction therapy is critical. It also effectively dissipates the heat which in turn allows you to use higher fluences (power levels) delivered at a higher repetition rate (speed) while still maintaining comfort for the patient. The net result is more effective treatment requiring fewer visits to achieve the desired result.

By far the most effective system for cooling is sapphire contact cooling+ wind +water cooling system.

In the case, Leaflife Fiber HR Series can keep the temperature 0 degrees to 5 degrees, during the whole treatment, no worry about how fast and how many you shoot.

4) Professional software

A hair removal diode laser with professional software is easy to use. Can get rid of make mistakes during the operations which may result in bad clinical outcomes.

Critical Factors For Up Your ROI

A diode laser hair removal machine represents a significant financial investment. The following discussion will look at how to maximize the return on investment, Once you have made your decision right at first, the following will give you the largest return on investment.

A) Highest Profit Per Shot

For a normal diode laser, every hand piece has a limited number of shots it can fire before it needs to be replaced. Bearing in mind that an individual treatment will attract a fixed fee it follows that the more treatments you can deliver per head, the higher your overall income will be. If you take the income generated from a handle and divide it by the total revenue for that handle and subtract the cost of the new handle you will come up with the:


The profit per shot is a key measure of the profitability of any machine (although other factors listed below are also important).

B) Equipment Optimization

Whilst the concept of the profit per shot is very important I would say the equipment optimization is equally as important. The critical factor here is TIME. The longer a treatment takes to perform the less customers you can treat in one day.


In addition, longer treatments tie up key staff and they are stuck with the laser when they could be performing other jobs. Critical factors here are:

i ) Repetition rate

The time it takes between laser beams is called the Repetition Rate. The shorter the interval between shots – the higher the repetition rate. Your profits will to a large extent depend on the repetition rate. The faster you can beam, the less time the treatment takes and therefore the more customers you can handle in a day. But a fast repetition rate without good cooling system is problematic. The faster it beams the more likely laser bars and skin become overheated. If without proper cooling method, life expectancy of laser bars will be shortened and chances of adverse effects due to overheating will greatly increase.

ii ) Spot size

Larger spot sizes mean less shorts for larger treatment areas such as backs. Less beams means less costs (each flash costs you money) but equally importantly less beams means less time on the job and more customers in a day! You charge the customer the same $500 for his back but with a larger spot size your cost for the treatment (the number of beams) is lower and the time taken for the treatment is less. It is a win win for your business!

iii ) Continuous working time

Some manufacturers will give you this in their specs and others will not. It is certainly a question you should be asking when you select your diode laser hair removal machine. Smaller (lighter) machines with less cooling ability will generally have a lower continuous working time. Almost all the portable diode laser hair removal machines have a continuous working time of 2-4 whilst Leaflife Fiber HR Series is about 19 hours. It goes without saying that if you have a machine that requires a break after 4 hours of work it will be less profitable than a machine that can work all day without a break!

iv ) Marketing support

Obviously if a distributor provides you with marketing support your profits should increase as a result. It is a relatively small factor to consider but is definitely worth a tick when the supplier offers this free of charge.

v ) Training

You might be able to purchase the best laser machine for the best price from other Chinese suppliers but if the operator has not been adequately trained, your wise decision in choosing the right laser machine could be for nothing! Laser hair removal is actually a very simple procedure and you could learn the actual treatment process in very few hours and possibly go onward and upward with your new business without incident.

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