Planar LED Mini

High-power LED Hair Removal Equipment, Japanese and International Patent Technology

Applications: Safe and highly effective for hair removal, even the dark skin.

  • The world’s first high-power LED equipment for hair removal!
  • FDA Approved(K220103), Japanese and International Patent Technology!
  • Up to 100 million shots’ lifespan!
  • WIFI internet connection!
  • Over 8 years’ stable use without any consumable!
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Planar LED Mini(Portable LED hair removal machine) features Leaflife’s latest hair removal technology – LED hair removal, an international patent technology. Planar LED Mini also uses light wavelength 780 – 850nm mainly absorbed by melanin in follicle, with an small to 15° light’s divergence angle, is safe and highly effective for hair removal, even the dark skin.

Brief Introduction of LED Hair Removal

LED hair removal use high-power super-emitting LED (Planar LED) array (9 pieces of chip) as a light source, crystal guide pyramid shaping and transmission of NIR beam, act on the subcutaneous, melanin in hair follicle absorb heat, to achieve hair removal effect.

Up to 100 million shots and 5 years’ expected service lifetime(less than 10% failure and 20% power attenuation), without any consumable. Stable performance, low malfunction rate, no downtime. Very easy maintenance and after sales services. Low running cost, but high return on investment.

Diode laser LED LED Advantages
Thermal damage Light power Similar The burn risk caused by overheating is much lower.
Thermal power Similar
Chip size 1*10mm 7.5*7.5mm
Conclusion Similar total thermal power, LED has bigger heat dissipation are and smaller heat flow density.
Heat transfer patch Pass to the bottom and rear Average path is 1.5mm Pass to the bottom Average path is just 0.2mm
Conclusion LED has very short heat transfer path, lower thermal resistance and much higher efficiency of heat dissipation.
Mechanical damage Stress Rectangle, high length-width ratio. Under stress of thermal deformation and thermal fatigue, chips easily desoldering or broken in pulsed working Square, 1:1 length-width ratio. Extra thin chip and large soldering area firmly but low stress. The desoldering and broken risk is much lower.
Conclusion Because of chip structure, LED chip’s stress is smaller than diode laser
Optical damage Light power Similar The burning risk of light emitting area is much lower.
Light emitting area Size 0.01*0.1mm High brightness, foreign body pollution can cause light-emitting surface burned Size 5*5mm Brightness is just similar to normal LED lamp of flashlight, slight dust will not being ignited to burn the lighting surface
Conclusion Because of surface emitting, the brightness of LED light emitting area is much smaller than diode laser.
Chain damage Not like diode laser, for LED chips, single area’s failure does not affect other emitting area No chain damage risk
Planar LED use near infrared light with wavelength 780~850nm, little absorbed by skin tissue and vascular etc., but mainly absorbed by melanin in follicle, so hair removal is highly effective. Light spectrum has width, so can apply to more skin colors including dark skin.
A Evenly rectangle spot with nice consistency, energy is uniform, no painful feeling during treatment. Surface array light source, lower max. local brightness, no harmful to human eyes though direct watch. B Planar light emitting area, uniform rectangular spot, and the light’s divergence angle is small to 15°, easily penetrate into skin, very deep penetration depth, deep hair follicle also can be treated.

Features and Advantages

1. High power and energy; excellent clinical effect

>> Total 900W, 9 pieces of 100W lamp beads( chip) from USA. Chip outside size is small, can collocate chips compactly, to achieve higher power density. Compared with similar VCSL laser( non-channel laser), power density is higher about 70%, enhance clinical effect a lot.

4. Big spot size

>> Big spot size is 17*22mm, efficient hair removal for big skin area.

2. Convenient and solid hand piece                                                          

>> Handle can be changed singly, more strong, even if bending or collision not induce damage. During operation, intelligent LCD window can show being used energy, pulse interval, frequency, and shots count clearly, convenient for operator

5. Intelligent software                     

>>  Two treatment mode: Stamp and Repeat Advanced setting: supplier can manage machine’s using well by all the technology design parameters ( alarm record and daily log etc.) Energy calibration function: exact energy can be calibrated in every energy level, precise treatment. WIFI internet connection: convenient remote after sales services.

3. Water cooling and TEC contact cooling

>>  Because of compact chips’ collocation, when transmission in light guide crystal, efficiency is high, so still can have sapphire contact cooling. The lowest temp. reach -15℃, cool enough to protect epidermis, comfortable treatment feeling.

Technology Comparison

Technology IPL Diode Laser LED
Light source features Light source Xenon lamp Diode laser bars LED chips
wavelength Wide spectrum 610nm-900nm Single wavelength 755/808nm/1064nm Narrow spectrum 780-850nm
Light power 5-10kw 320-1000w 1800w
Light emitting area shape Columnar Line Surface
Pulse lifespan 10000-30000shots 8-30million shots 60-100 million shots
Operation Operation mode Stamp Stamp/Repeat Stamp/Repeat
Energy density 1-40j/cm2 Stamp:50-100cm2




Maintenance Handle Always need change light tube Laser generator is easily damaged, need replace every 1 to 2 years If normal use and regular maintenance, handle has the same lifespan as device
Filter No need Need often change filter and deionizer, if not, laser generator is easily damaged No need
Cooling water Drinking water Special deionized water or coolant Drinking water


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Light sourceLED
Light spectrumNIR
Light power
Pulse width
Energy density
Skin type
Operation mode
Stamp, Repeat
Spot size
Cooling system
TEC Sapphire contact cooling/ Water cooling
Cooling temperature
-15℃ ~ 10℃
Net weight

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