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Latest Hair Removal Technology

LED hair removal technology use high-power super-emitting LED (Planar LED) array (12 pieces of chip) as a light source, crystal guide pyramid shaping and transmission of NIR beam, act on the subcutaneous, melanin in hair follicle absorb heat, to achieve hair removal effect.
  • Up to 100 million shots’ lifespan
  • Japanese and International patent technology
  • Over 8 years’ stable use without any consumable
  • WIFI internet connection
  • Highly effective hair removal

Planar led family

Cryoer - Cooling Home Use IPL

1. Big high-tech touch screen
2. Synchronous cooling under 6゜C
3. Super-long lifespan 500,000 shots
4. Fast flashing 0.5s/shot; Sliding and Stamp operation
5. High effective energy 8-18J/cm²
6. More application; Changeable magnetic lamp

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