Selles - Non-ablative 1550nm Fractional Erbium laser

Selles, based on advanced non-ablative 1550nm erbium-glass fractional laser technology, acts on skin by microscopic laser beams under the operation mode of static stamp with different treatment figures. Its depth of penetration with minor lesions assures approximately non-invasive therapy, and proves accurate, safe and high-effective skin resurfacing and scars treatment with minimal downtime. Selles utilize intelligent optical tracking system and randomized scanning technology, ensuring optimal effect for patients.

  • The laser light is released by alternation direction, so skin has cooling time in following light radiation interval, which greatly help reduce the pigment risk(PIH) after inflammation and other side-effect.
  • Random-sprayed beam technology
  • Intelligent optical tracking system
  • Simple to use and more treatment figures optional
  • Adjustable energy and density
  • Safe, Effective and Economical

Working principle

1550nm laser bean scan on the surface of skin with fractional way, forming a microscopic thermal zone, the area of skin isn’t scanned as a heat diffusion area, reducing the damage of skin.
1550nm laser works on target issues accurately, heats the water of dermis’ collagen tissues, laser’s heat effect promotes collagen regeneration, the volume of collagen is increasing and ordering, then increasing the elasticity of skin, improving skin condition.
These areas as a repairing center after treatment, through human’s skin wound healing mechanism, promoting epidermis growing and healing, leather fiber thickening, skin improving comprehensively.

Features and Advantages:

1. The laser light is released by alternation direction, so skin has cooling time in following light radiation interval, which greatly help reduce the pigment risk(PIH) after inflammation and other side-effect.
X-Y tip: high penetration, non-painful, no trauma
X-Y scan technology can precise target treatment area according to different shape and size.



2. Random-sprayed beam technology
Selles works by delivering multiple arrays of randomized microscopic laser beams to the skin. These beams produce deep, collimated micro necrotic columns that can penetrate as far down as the reticular dermis, while sparing surrounding viable tissues. The outcome produces more natural, more uniform skin regeneration with minimum downtime and dramatic clinical improvements.
This patent technology reduce patient’s discomfort, short recovery time and no pigmentation.




3.Intelligent optical tracking system
Selles hand piece utilize intelligent optical tracking system, ensuring consistent, predicable and uniform treatment. This system automatically adjusts to move speed, while the hand motion distributes pulse evenly, providing better patients experiences. Operator control more safe treatment.




4. Simple to use and more treatment figures optional
Intelligent interface and precise parameters allow operator to easily select the optimal treatment setting.
More scanning figures: rectangle, ellipse, triangle and polygon. Scan area can be adjusted freely. More precise treatment for different skin areas and patterns, so reach better effect.







5. Adjustable energy and density
Matrix form scan assures uniform energy distribution per unit area so avoid pigmentation veins caused by uneven energy during treatment.
High pulse energy with maximum 200MJ/dot. Adjustable scan density assures accurate treatment for pathological tissues.





6, Safe, Effective and Economical
1550nm fractional laser have thermal stimulus to skin, while stimulate dermis papillary layer below skin 2mm produce micro wound, so skin can repair automatically. High energy but precise laser release, even can treat eyelid.
Gun shot style, not touch skin really, avoid cross infection.
Short treatment time, no painful, no downtime, no trauma and pigmentation.
Tip has no lifespan limits, durable and economical.


Applications and Clinical Photos


Laser type
Fiber Laser
Laser mode
Pure single mode
Laser Beam
Collimated, 6mm, M2<1.02
Gain Medium
6um core Er Doped/ Er Yb Doped Fiber
Laser power
5-100mj / dot
4-1024 dots/cm2
Treatment mode
Pulse width
Penetration depth
Scan Area
Spot size
Max 7um Full Field @ F=100m
Scan times
Tip size
color LCD touch screen
Net weight
Machine size


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