Professional fractional plasma laser machine

The professional fractional plasma laser machine is renowned for delivering dramatic, age-defying results in treating challenging skin imperfections. It effectively addresses wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone, skin laxity, scars, and skin tags.

Leveraging the power of the plasma fractional laser, Leaflife’s Fractional Plasma Laser MjoInir Series combines the optimal mix of non-ablative and thermal effects with versatile applicators and treatment modes for highly customized procedures. This innovation brings unparalleled precision to the fields of dermatology.

The Leaflife PLASMA Fractional Laser is an exceptionally versatile system designed for the removal of wrinkles, acne, pimple marks, freckles, and scars, as well as for anti-aging treatments and soft tissue coagulation. It provides physicians with complete control over treatment parameters, including the level and depth of ablation, thermal control through pulse duration, and mode of energy delivery. This flexibility maximizes precision and treatment outcomes while minimizing unnecessary tissue damage.


  • FDA Approved new innovative cold ionized plasma patent-certified technology;
  • Fractional mode, Normal Mode, Cold mode, meet all users’ need, solve all skin promblems;
  • Complete replacement for Fractional Laser, Fractional RF, and Micro-needle RF;
  • Trusted and endorsed by Clinics & Salons worldwide;
  • Receive free marketing assistance and training for maximum Return on Investment;
  • Cold plasma technology stimulates hair growth and enhances scalp environment;
  • The ultimate solution for non-surgical rejuvenation and tightening of loose skin on the face, eyes, neck, and more.

Fractional PLASMA Laser Working Principle

What is a fractional plasma laser?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, whose character has high temperature, high conductivity and high activity. Fractional Plasma Laser uses the needle-shaped plasma column to release micro-electrical discharge or ARC to treat a fraction of the skin surface at a time, which reduces downtime.

Mjolnir Series is the first fractional plasma laser equipment, which is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation.

Fractional PLASMA Laser Working Principle

In a controllable way, the needle-shaped plasma column acts on the skin in the form of a dot. Its principle is to ionize the gas in the air to generate smaller arc arches, which can act on the target tissue accurately, and heat the collagen in the dermis and in the fiber cells in the papillary layer, the thermal effect promotes the regeneration of collagen, the amount of collagen increases and is arranged in order, so as to increase the skin elasticity, tighten the skin and improve the skin condition. After treatment, the treated area serves as a repair center to promote skin regeneration and healing, thickening of dermal fibers, skin remodeling and improvement of various signs of aging and scars through the human skin wound healing mechanism.

Comparison with Fractional RF, Fractional Laser, Normal Plasma, and Micro-Needle RF

Fractional plasma Laser is best solution to replace all the fractional beauty technologies as innovative design!

Compared to Fractional RF

Whose energy just reach epidermis, so can’t treat wrinkles and scar problem in dermis. Needles don’t contact skin to operate, not be influenced by skin resistance. By higher voltage, faster discharge, release energy in shorter time, lower skin damage.

Compared to Fractional laser

Mjolnir Trio’s investment cost is much more economical but can cover all the applications of laser. Safety risk to operator and patient both are much lower and can be used more widely, no any medical limits.

Compared with normal plasma

Whose current excitation is performed at a lower frequency, and the plasma column has poor directivity and low power. Single plasma’s treatment needs much longer time, the handle and energy is difficult to control, un-even treatment depth, and dots’ consistency is poor, so more dangerous and bigger damage risk to skin.

Compared with Micro-needle RF

Which is purely invasive treatment way, Mjolnir is much less dangerous and has much lower consumable cost.


Fractional plasma laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that involves the use of Fractional plasma Laser Machines to deliver micro-electrical discharge or ARC treatment zones that marks a fraction of the skin at a time, similar to a photographic image being improved pixel by pixel.


Cut moles, warts and polyp etc.
Eye treatment: eyelid and eye bags
Wrinkles: striae gravidarum, stretch mark, striae atrophicae, aging wrinkle
Anti-aging: aged skin, flabby and flagging skin, no elasticity
Scars: acne scar, surgical scar, proliferative scar, burn scar, traumatic scar

Plasma Fractional Laser Treatment Before and After

MjoInir Trio Treatment Before and After

What’s the difference between ablative fractional lasers and non-ablative fractional lasers?

Ablative Fractional Lasers

Ablative fractional lasers generate beams of coherent light, which are absorbed by the body’s tissue as energy. Delivered across a wide range of wavelengths, this energy increases the temperature in the target area, leading to tissue ablation, or evaporation. Ablative lasers are effective in treating a wide range of skin conditions by removing all or part of the skin.

Non-ablative Fractional Lasers

Fractional non-ablative laser is a non-wounding laser treatment that stimulates collagen growth to improve skin tone and texture over time. This can be achieved using various types of lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices.

Non-ablative laser systems are less invasive and require shorter recovery periods compared to ablative lasers, but they may not be as efficient in producing dramatic results.

The main differences between ablative fractional lasers and non-ablative fractional lasers lie in how they interact with the skin and the types of results they produce:

  1. Treatment Mechanism:
    • Ablative Fractional Lasers: These lasers deliver intense beams of laser energy that vaporize (ablate) targeted areas of the skin. They create controlled wounds in the skin, stimulating collagen production and encouraging skin renewal. The ablation removes the outer layers of damaged skin, leading to more significant results in skin texture, tone, and scarring reduction. This process typically involves more downtime and recovery compared to non-ablative lasers.
    • Non-Ablative Fractional Lasers: These lasers deliver fractional laser energy without ablating the skin’s surface. Instead of removing skin layers, they penetrate deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture and tone. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive and typically require less downtime and recovery compared to ablative lasers. However, they may require multiple treatments to achieve noticeable results, and the improvements are generally more subtle compared to ablative lasers.
  2. Indications and Effectiveness:
    • Ablative Fractional Lasers: Effective for treating more severe skin conditions such as deep wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, and pigmentation issues. They provide more noticeable and immediate results but may require longer recovery times.
    • Non-Ablative Fractional Lasers: Suitable for milder skin concerns such as fine lines, mild wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and texture. They are often chosen for their minimal downtime and are ideal for patients looking for gradual improvements over multiple sessions.
  3. Recovery and Downtime:
    • Ablative Fractional Lasers: Generally involve more downtime due to the ablative nature of the treatment, which includes redness, swelling, and peeling that can last several days to weeks depending on the depth of treatment.
    • Non-Ablative Fractional Lasers: Typically have minimal downtime, with mild redness and swelling that usually resolve within a day or two. Patients can usually resume normal activities immediately after treatment.
  4. Patient Suitability:
    • Ablative Fractional Lasers: Often recommended for patients with more significant skin concerns who are willing to undergo a longer recovery period for more pronounced results.
    • Non-Ablative Fractional Lasers: Suitable for patients with mild to moderate skin concerns who prefer a shorter recovery time and are willing to undergo multiple sessions for gradual improvement.

In summary, ablative fractional lasers provide more aggressive treatment with quicker and more noticeable results but require longer recovery times. Non-ablative fractional lasers offer gentler treatment with minimal downtime and are suitable for patients seeking gradual improvement over multiple sessions. The choice between the two depends on the patient’s skin concerns, desired outcomes, and tolerance for downtime.

Who needs fractional plasma laser treatment?

Fractional plasma laser treatment is ideal for minimizing the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, pigmentation issues, sun damage, warts, and various other skin conditions. Dermatologists also recommend this treatment for individuals with non-responsive skin.

Does fractional plasma laser really work?

Fractional plasma laser is among the safest and most effective procedures for treating a variety of skin conditions. It works by removing the outer layers of the skin with a laser, revealing fresh and glowing skin underneath.

How to use a fractional plasma laser machine?

To operate a fractional plasma laser machine effectively, adjust the power settings based on the specific treatment needs. The index setting should be tailored to the skin type and depth of wrinkles, with lower settings for longer exposure times and deeper penetration. For treating acne scars, use lower index settings, adjusting the power setting according to skin type and scar severity. Increase the power setting gradually until achieving the desired tissue effect.

After completing the fractional laser treatment, switch the laser back to its traditional plasma mode for ablating skin growths as needed.

How often should one get fractional plasma laser treatment?

Most patients typically require just one plasma laser treatment to observe noticeable changes, although this can vary depending on the severity of the condition being addressed. Some individuals may benefit from 1 to 3 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for optimal and permanent results, as recommended by dermatologists.

Are fractional plasma laser results permanent?

The fractional plasma laser is highly effective and can work wonders in restoring the glow and smooth texture of your skin. The improvements from plasma laser treatment can last for many years, although it’s important to consider that your skin continues to change with age.

How much does a fractional laser machine cost?

The prices of some fractional plasma laser machines for sale can be as low as 500 USD or less, while the newest, high-tier systems may cost as much as 10 000 USD. Well-known brands of plasma lasers in the United States are Lumenis, Alma, and Syneron. Outside of the US, top-selling brands are Cynosure and Solta medical. But for some clinics and beauty salons, these brands of machines are too expensive to bear the cost. For this reason, LEAFLIFE has developed the latest fractional plasma laser machine with high quality and moderate price.

Our service offers you to select fractional laser plasma machines based on your budget and specific application of the equipment. All you have to do is to indicate the price range, receiving time, device voltage configuration, and model to find a suitable option that is available on sale. If you want to know more about the fractional plasma laser machine for sale, Please fill out the form on our contact page, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.