If you’re tired of living with pronounced fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, age spots, skin laxity, and other complexion abnormalities, several treatment options can help. However, no treatment has proven more widely effective than fibroblast plasma pen skin resurfacing. But with more and more fibroblast plasma pens coming into the market you can be a bit confused about which one to buy and which brand to trust. So which is the best professional fibroblast Plasma Pen on the market?

We have had many people speak to us about how disappointed they are with the plasma pen that they have bought from another brand and asking if they are able to upgrade to the Mjolnir Fractional Plasma Pen. Sometimes people have bought based on price, thinking that the quality of the pens and treatments would be the same regardless of brand, and others have trusted other brands due to their various claims which are unfounded.


The Best Professional Fibroblast Plasma Pen

Leaflife Mjolnir Plasma Pen is the world’s first fractional & cold fibroblast plasma equipment, with innovative professional fractional technology, the Mjolnir series Plasma Pen is the best solution to Rejuvenation & Tightening Loose Face, Eye, Neck Skin, etc. 



Why Leaflife Mjolnir Plasma Pen is the best professional fibroblast plasma pen?

1. World's First Plasma pen with Fractional & Cold Technology

Leaflife Mjolnir Fibroblast Plasma Pen uses the needle-shaped plasma column to release micro-electrical discharge or ARC to treat a fraction of the skin surface at a time, which reduces downtime.



Cold Plasma Mode

Fractional Plasma Mode

Single Plasma Mode




2. Advantages of Leaflife Mjolnir Fractional Plasma Pen

Compared to Fractional RF, whose energy just reach the epidermis, so can’t treat wrinkles and scar problem in the dermis. Needles don’t contact skin to operate, not be influenced by skin resistance.

Compared to Fractional laser, Mjolnir’s investment cost is much more economical but can cover all the applications of the laser. Safety risks to operator and patient both are much lower and can be used more widely, no any medical limits.

Compared with normal plasma, whose current excitation is performed at a lower frequency, and the plasma column has poor directivity and low power. Single plasma treatment needs a much longer time, the energy is difficult to control, un-even treatment depth, and dots’ consistency is poor, so more dangerous and bigger damage risk to the skin.

Compared with Micro-needle RF, which is a purely invasive treatment way, Mjolnir is much less dangerous and has a much lower consumable cost.

How did Leaflife Mjolnir Fractional Plasma Pen work?

The Fibroblast Plasma Pen harnesses the power of plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter along with Solid, Liquid, and Gas. The principle involves the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to create a micro electrical discharge or ARC. The ARC never touches the skin, but causes a micro injury to the skin’s epidermal layer whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conductions. This is more commonly known as Fibroblasting. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in the body that produce collagen. Collagen, often called the framework of the skin, provides essential structure and can help turn back the hands of time by smoothing wrinkles and reversing skin laxity. After approximately one week plasma treatment, your skin will be mostly healed and your final results will begin to appear. As collagen production continues, you’ll see your skin tighten. Collagen production continues for weeks, and this powerful protein helps re-structure the skin around your eyes and delivers results that can last for up to three years.









Fractional plasma pen vs normal plasma pen FAQ?

Q: The difference between leaflife Fractional plasma pen and normal plasma pen?

A: Leaflife Fractional Plasma Device - MjoInir Series is upgraded from Plasma Pen.
For normal plasma pen,it`s current excitation is performed at a lower frequency, and the plasma column has poor directivity and low power. Single plasma's treatment needs much longer time, the handle and energy are difficult to control, un-even treatment depth. and dots' consistency is poor, so more dangerous and bigger damage risk to skin.
While fractional plasma can make up above defects,the energy is higher, dots and energy are distributed more evenly to make sure better treatment effect. 1-25 dots on the screen can be chosen to meet target place accurately, much easier and faster operation.

Q: Is Plasma a laser? Can we use ordinary beauty salons?

A: Of course it can be used in beauty salons. Plasma is not a laser. It is not a medical technology and has low risk. It does not require an operator to require a doctor's license, so ordinary beauticians can also operate it after full training and knowledge.

Q: How Does Fractional Plasma Skin Resurfacing Compare to Laser Skin Resurfacing?

A: Fractional plasma skin resurfacing is similar to fractional laser skin resurfacing, but with a few critical differences. Fractional laser skin resurfacing uses beams of laser energy split into thousands of microscopic columns that penetrate the epidermis and dermis, creating microthermal zones of injury.

Fractional plasma resurfacing, on the other hand, combines radiofrequency energy and microplasma to penetrate the skin and create microthermal zones of injury. The treatment offers precision targeting as fractional lasers do, but treatment depths are more customizable.

Fractional plasma resurfacing treatments can mimic the results of highly aggressive CO2 laser treatments, as well as the gentlest laser peels. Treatment with fractional plasma also requires about half the recovery time as other laser resurfacing treatments.

Q: What are the main applications of Fractional plasma pens?

A: Improve skin texture and tone, eyelid treatment, wrinkles, anti-aging, scars

Q: What does the treatment need to take care of?

A: Anesthetic cream should be applied if doing the high-energy level treatment. Need to take care of skin after the operation.

Q: What is the training of a Fractional plasma pen?

A: Machine is easy to operate, all users could follow up the manual; Any further operating inquiries, photos and videos support could be conducted.

Q: Do you have a certificate? Do you have a medical CE certificate?

A: Our company has an ISO13485 system certificate, and then this equipment has a CE certificate.

A medical certificate is in the application period.

Q: Can you provide a training certificate?

A: Of course, we can provide training certificates issued by our company to customers who purchased machine.

Q: Will the needles of your treatment tip penetrate into the skin?

A: We have 2 types of treatment tips, blue and purple.

The needle tip of the blue treatment head is not exposed, so it will not penetrate into the skin.

The needle tip of the purple treatment head is slightly protruding, but it only touches our skin lightly, not penetrated.

Q: How many tips it has?

A: The standard configuration of our machine is 4 blue treatment tips and 8 purple treatment tips, totaling 12 treatment tips.

Need buy tips for more use.

Q: Can the treatment tip be used by more than one person?

A: We do not recommend that one treatment tip is used by multiple people. We recommend that the treatment tip be used exclusively to one patient, so that it is safe and hygienic. But one tip can cover the course of treatment.

Q: What do you use to pack the machine?

A: We pack the equipment in an aluminum box with a sponge pad inside to protect the equipment. Outside paper box for transportation.

Q: What is the difference between blue tip and purple tip? and the applications?

A: 1. Blue tip for non-invasive treatment by lower energy, the plasma arc can be seen in the tip. It can be used to skin resurfacing, acne and oily skin treatment, promote cosmetics absorption.

2. Purple tip for invasive treatment by higher energy. Short plasma arc penetrate deeply into skin. So it can be used to treat wrinkles, large pores, eyelid and eye bags, and scars etc.

Q: How many treatment times should be done for a patient?

A: 3-5 times / course of treatment, the treatment times depend on the different situation. (For details, please refer to operation manual)

Q: Are the tips disposable? The tips should be changed for different patients?

A:The tips are disposable. It is usually recommended that one tip is for one person. And one tip can be used at most 3 times for the same person. After each treatment, the tip must be disinfected.

Q: Do you support OEM/ODM?

A: We support OEM/ODM, but that depends on order quantity. You can talk to sales for details. Usually don’t support this service to one set order.

Four Fractional Plasma Pen Device Solutions: